Our Pet Care Services

We will take care for your pet friend with all our services

Style Hair Cut

We can make a style haircut depending on your pet’s race or just another one you choose


Bath service includes, in addition, a nail clipping, ear cleaning and anal glands; Drying, brushing and application of colony, bandana for males or bows for females.


The boarding it’s on depending your pet’s size. The pets are never caged, they have two to three daily rides. You must bring their food. This service allows you to go on vacation without the worry of whoever leaves your pet, in our hands would be guaranteed their welfare, safety, and nutrition.

Bath Express

Take just a simple bath for your dog

Nails Trim

It’s about cutting your dog nails at the right length.


Take off all hair that your dog shedding in a station change.


Bushing and cleaning your pet's Teeth


Dematting consists of removing all the knots in the hair of your pet

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning your dog's ears with a good quality ear cleaning solution

Boarding Service

Planning a vacation? Request our service in advance